Youth and sustainable development – the results of action research on the understanding of sustainable development among youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The publication presents the results of action research conducted within the project “Youth and sustainable development – new job opportunities”. The aim of the project was to introduce youth groups from different parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the principles of sustainable local development, ways to become involved in community development, active thinking and creating employment opportunities, as well as social entrepreneurship as an innovative way of employment on the principles of sustainable development, proven in many countries.


An important part of the project was the action research on the attitudes of young people and their understanding of the “sustainable development” concept.

The aim of this study was to obtain information on understanding and consideration of sustainable development in young people, and also to involve them in the whole process and encourage them to act in their own communities by initiating activities on the principles of sustainable development. Project leader was ODRAZ-Sustainable Community Development in partnership with OIA – Youth Information Agency. The project was funded by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development Programme through the International Development Cooperation.

Publisher: ODRAZ, 2015.

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