ODRAZ team

The employees of ODRAZ are experts in various fields who have achieved significant results, whether as activists or employees in the government administration, public companies or international organisations.

ODRAZ Director

With more than twenty years of experience in local community projects and working with youth, Ms. Pavić-Rogošić is a founder of several associations. She has many years of experience as a trainer and writer of manuals. She completed a post-graduate course Practice of Social Change, at the Social Policy Department, London Metropolitan University.

,  Ten years of experience at the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Physical Planning in the fields of physical planning, environmental protection; development, adoption and implementation of regulations; publishing; public relations and cooperation with civil sector. For two years, she worked in local self-government in physical planning positions.

Eight years of experience in international organisations (REC, USAID/AED) – grant awarding procedures for CSOs, cooperation with diverse sectors, publishing activities.

She is a member of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) from July 2013, Managing Board of Croatian Rural Development Network,  Local Partnership for Employment of the City of Zagreb, Supervisory Board of the Croatian Center for the Development of Volunteering and Social Council of City of Zagreb.

Member and two years co-chair of the Joint Consultative Committee EU – Croatia (2007-2013). Member of the National Council for Sustainable Development and Environment (2004 -2012). Deputy Chairman of the Council for Development of Civil Society in the mandate till 2010. Member of the Monitoring committee of two IPA components – human resources development and rural development and a member of the Monitoring committee of the European Social Fund (ESF) 2007-2013.


ODRAZ President

Many years of experience in physical planning at the Urban Planning Institute; environmental protection at  the Ministry of Environmental Protection; urban planning and construction, and the business sector’s approach to sustainable development and environmental protection in the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development (HRPSOR).

Wide experience in representing the Republic of Croatia in international cooperation regarding environmental protection. Training programmes including seminars and courses in Europe and the USA.
Experience in coordinating and running complex projects, organising and moderating professional conferences, developing and managing a private sector organisation and official positions within the government administration.

Project manager
MARKO STANCEC, MSc in Geography, Spatial planning and Regional development

Geographer and spatial planner by training but goes beyond the boundaries of these fields. His works focuses on integrating sustainability paradigm into urban and mobility planning (incl. mobility management, sustainable transport policies, non-motorized transport, public participation in urban planning, sustainable tourism etc.).

More than 5 years of experience in preparation, implementation, evaluation and dissemination of EU projects, for public, academic, private and NGO sector. Member of Governing board of Civinet Slovenia-Croatia-SE Europe, national coordination for cycle-tourism, EuroVelo coordinator for Croatia and volunteer in couple of NGOs.

In ODRAZ he is responsible for project preparation, implementation and evaluation, as well as for the organization of workshops for representatives of local and regional public authorities and students, in thematic areas of urban and mobility planning, tourism and EU funding.

Head of Information
KSENIJA  VORBERGER, MA, social worker

Began to work in ODRAZ as a volunteer in 2002. Currently, coordinator of the Local DevelopmentCommunity Network and associate on other ODRAZ projects.
Holder of I and II degree Reality Therapy and Choice Theory certificates, and a number of Macromedia and Adobe Authorized certificates.
Completed three-month verified IT-operator programme designed for office operations.
Long experience in office work, organising and preparing educational programmes, conferences and other ODRAZ activities, evaluation of educational programmes and projects, and presentation of ODRAZ projects and activities at workshops and seminars.
Co-author of the study entitled Opportunities for the Development of Community Foundations in Croatia.
Editor and administrator: www.odraz.hr, http://civinet-slohr.eu, Fb page ODRAZ-Održivi razvoj zajednice, Instagram page odraz_odrzivirazvojzajednice, FB page Održiva mobilnost u gradovima

Head of Office

Employed with ODRAZ since early 2009 as Head of Office. Five years of experience in administration, human resources and public relations. ODRAZ coordinator for the preparation of project-related material, and distribution of ODRAZ publications.

Project assistant
ELIZABET GAŠPAROV, Master of Arts in political science

She finished graduate programme in political science at the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb. Throughout her studying, she has volunteered in civil society organizations. For the purpose of the graduation thesis, she conducted research among the green associations in Croatia on their attitudes towards resolving the issue of challenge of sustainability, on the issues of implementing the goals of sustainable development in the current economic system and the values considered relevant for achieving a sustainable society.

Translated and edited the Sustainable Development Goals Report for 2016 and 2017 and the comic book about the Sustainable Development Goals. Completed the program for Manager of drafting and implementation of projects funded from EU and training for the Strengthening of the CSOs capacities in generic work, advocacy and networking.



MARIO MUNTA, Master’s Degree in public policy
He finished undergraduate studies in political science at the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb and acquired the MA in public policy at the Central European University in Budapest in the year 2014, on the topic of Europeanization of active labour market policies. He specialized in social policies and employment policies, labour market policies and climate policies. His previous work is related to the popularization of the concept of existential minimal wage (living wage), introducing local politics to young people (Friedrich Erbert Foundation) and studying European Union climate policies. He is currently the editor of the European policy-network Politheor.net.

She completed her undergraduate and postgraduate studies in theoretical physics at the Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb. During her studies, she developed an interest in applying knowledge learned in physics on modelling, system thinking and problem solving to business processes.  She worked in the field of supply chain management and implementation of IT projects in the business environment (SAP, Kraš Ltd). She pursued an interest in improvements and innovation by completing her postgraduate MBA studies at the Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb. In parallel with her business career, she actively participated in the work of the Croatian Supply Chain Management Association and taught Operations Management at RIT Croatia. The topics she deals with the most throughout her career are sustainability and strategy. She is member of ODRAZ since 2007. She serves as a member of Advisory board, participates in preparing reports related to sustainable development and SDGs and holds workshops.

He completed undergraduate Film and Video studies at the Art Academy in Split and graduated from the Department of Animation and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. He works on the artistic and commercial basis in the area of film, animation, and sound design. An Associate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Split, Department of film and video, where he teaches animated film. He teaches also animated film in Film school of the Cinema Club Split. He has won several awards, among other, prizes of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb for exceptional success during studies. He has also won three awards of the Croatian Society of Film Critics – Octavian, for his animated films. One of these films was made in cooperation with ODRAZ, with whom he collaborated on additional four short films.

Carmen Majetić Pavić, specialising in Marketing and Sales.Years of experience in two renowned companies: Pliva d.d. and Kraš d.d. in managerial and consultancy positions. She also worked for the HENDAL research agency as Head of Strategic Research Department and Client Relations Development.

Participation in a series of business training programmes and seminars in Croatia and abroad, and active lecturing at conferences home and abroad. Currently, independent consultant and certified Executive Coach for business improvement through business consultancy and education.
Odraz ODRAZ contributor in the field of organisational development; ODRAZ President from 2004 to 2007.
Lifelong learning, sustainable development, acquisition of new experience and establishment of partnerships between the business, civil and public sectors is her calling.


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