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ODRAZ organized a volunteer action within the project Let’s Think Sustainably

On May 27 2021, ODRAZ, in cooperation with Private Art Gymnasium, organized a volunteer action of collecting donations for the association "People for People", which helps the...

ODRAZ director gave a lecture on sustainable development at the Academy for Political Development

At the workshop "Preservation of the environment in tourism-oriented local development" held 23rd of May 2021 within the Academy for Political Development, ODRAZ director Lidija...

ODRAZ conducted two workshops on sustainable development as part of the School Volunteer Club project

On 18 and 21 May 2021, ODRAZ held workshops in Zagreb and Korenica on sustainable development and the involvement of young people in caring for the local community. The workshops...

A national workshop on localization of sustainable development goals

The last event related to sustainable development and sustainable development goals, organized by the City of Split in cooperation with ODRAZ as part of the international project...

The second training-block of School for Sustainable Development 2021

As a part of the project "SUSTINEO - Through collaboration, participation, research and education to sustainability", the first training-block of School for Sustainable Development...

20 years of commitment to sustainable development!

ODRAZ- Sustainable community development is a civil society organization that encourages and supports the implementation of sustainability-oriented changes.

Public policy

ODRAZ instigates participatory processes and actively contributes to shaping and monitoring of public policies wit….

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Established through many years of implementation. Continually made compatible with beneficiaries needs.

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30 professional publications and manuals intended to NGO`s, local government, volunteers…

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ODRAZ Director for Direct: Withdrawal of money from European funds is not the only purpose of Croatia’s EU membership

ODRAZ Director for Direct: Withdrawal of money from European funds is not the only purpose of Croatia’s EU membership

"I have a feeling that the European Union in Croatia is mostly talked about through the prism of withdrawing money from European funds, as if that is almost the only meaning of Croatia's EU membership," a member of the European Economic and Social...


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