Leaps of knowledge – Service learning in practice

“Leaps od knowledge – Service learning in practice” guidebook is mounted during project ‘Leaps of knowledge – engaged community’ implementation: faculties and organizations together for sustainable development of local communities. Project is lead with idea to encourage and support cooperation between educational institutions, as universities and civil society organizations by applying the service learning method and direct including students in organizations.


In project activities were includes students and proffessors form Faculty of Economics and business and Faculty of Graphic arts University of Zagreb who maintained service learing method in nine classes. Project also included 20 different organizations from Zagreb.

During project was held modular-training block for proffessors and representatives of organizations. For students were implemented line of educational workshops. Total of 40 studenst were activly included in work of organizations, who were supported by mentors, working on specific tasks for improving visibility and better management. We prepared this guidebook to represent our experience and methods, to ease anybody who is preparing to carry through service learning.

Guidebok is aimed for university educators who are implemeting service learning method  in theirs subjects and for civil society organizations with whom they cooperate.

Guidebook includes:

  • Short sevice learning description
  • Description of service learning preparations and implementation during project
  • Proffessors, students and civil society represenatives review
  • Summary of the learned
  • Patterns designed for better implementation and monitoring of service learning

Publisher: ODRAZ, 2020

Editor: ODRAZ, 2020


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