Youth can do everything – From trust to work

[ONGOING] The project is an innovative approach to include inactive NEETs in the labor market. NEET persons are considered to be young people aged 15 to 29 who are neither in employment nor in education or training and are not registered in the register of unemployed persons of the Croatian Employment Service.

The aim of the project is to pilot an approach to the reach and education of inactive NEET people in the City of Zagreb and Krapina-Zagorje County, in accordance with the development goals of the Zagreb Urban Agglomeration.

The project plans activities that include the entire process of selecting beneficiaries through the implementation of public campaigns and motivating potential beneficiaries, developing their competencies in accordance with the needs and opportunities of the labor market and providing comprehensive and individualized support in job search.

 ODRAZ’s role in the project – leading activities to connect users with the community, informing and visibility of the project:

  • development of information and communication strategy, implementation of campaigns in Zagreb (Novi Zagreb and eastern Zagreb), organization and implementation of job shadowing for users
  • participation in three meetings of the NEET Center’s program development working group; development of the work program of the NEET center
  • preparation and implementation of two one-day workshops on soft skills development and implementation coordination
    workshop with performers
  • preparation and implementation of a round table (ZG and KZŽ) to inform representatives of various public institutions about the new service for inactive NEETs and their detection.
  • creating a visual identity of the project, preparation of promotional materials, communication with the media and maintaining communication through social networks

Project holder: Institute for Labor Market Development


Agronomic school Zagreb
Local Action Group Zagorje-Sutla
Society for Psychological Assistance 
ODRAZ – Sustainable community development
Network of Associations Zagor 
City of Zagreb
Zagorje Development Agency
Association for the development of “do it yourself” culture – Workshop
Business Management College
Circles, Center for Education, Counseling
Medical School – Institution for adult education
Sports School PESG
Croatian Employment Service Krapina Regional Office
Croatian Employment Service Zagreb Regional Office

Total project value: HRK 1,798,557.87
Amount co-financed by the EU: HRK 1,652,694.83
Amount co-financed from the state budget: HRK 145,663.04
Project implementation period: July 14, 2021 – July 14, 2023

The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund 

More information on structural funds:


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