Tick-tack, it’s time for culture

The project “Tick-tack, it’s time for culture” contributes to the development and improvement of existing ones and the establishment of new models of participatory management in culture in the area of Kutina, through the strengthening of capacities of CSOs and public sector employees active in culture.


Citizens and CSOs will be more involved in local decision-making processes by networking and encouraging co-operation in planning, designing and implementing cultural projects by forming an advisory body within Open University in Kutina.

The project addresses the problem of the lack of quality and diverse capacity building activities in the field of participatory management of culture in the City of Kutina. Enriching cultural content, and access to various events will be achieved through project activities.


    The aim of the project is to contribute to the development and improvement of existing and new models of participatory culture management in the City of Kutina through the strengthening of the capacity of 25 CSOs and public sector employees, the implementation of 1 show, 1 festival, 2 manifestations and 2 panel discussions aimed at encouraging inclusion citizens in development.


    The target group of the project is 20 employees and members of associations, 2 employees of the City, 3 employees of public institutions in culture founded by the City, 15 associations, the City of Kutina, 3 cultural institutions founded by the City.

    Duration: October 2018 – March 2020

    Total project value: 783.200,51 HRK (665,720.43 HRK – 85% EU grants from the European Social Fund; 117.480,08 HRK – 15% of grants from the State Budget of the Republic of Croatia)

    Project coordinator: Open University Kutina

    Partners: ODRAZ – Sustainable Community Development, City of Kutina, Society our children Kutina, City Association of Cultural Art, Photo Video Club

    ODRAZ will implement four modular training blocks “School for Good Governance and Participative Development.”














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