For good governance at local level: education, support and promotion

Overall objective of the project was to promote good governance and improve participatory development by building capacities of CSOs and local self-governments, as prerequisite for sustainable democratic society in four Croatian regions (City of Zagreb, Zagrebačka, Šibensko-kninska and Sisačko-moslavačka County).

The project has contributed to enhancing and increasing:

  • Access to relevant information on laws, plans and decisions, best practices and human potential
  • Public awareness to help beneficiaries promote the topics of rule of law, good governance, etc. more effectively
  • Options for different sorts of networking and partnership cross-country and cross-sectors.
  • Knowledge and skills for designing, planning and implementation of partnership projects that address recognized problems of the communities
  • Co-operation between all interested parties as an important pre-condition for improving the quality of governance in all regions of Croatia.

    Target Groups

    • civil society organizations
    • local government and other public institutions
    • representatives of the business sector

    { Implemented Activities }

    1. education for 35 representatives of CSOs and self-governments, councillors, youth councils, focused on promoting good governance principles; participatory planning and implementation of local development and policy analysing;
      • Modular training programme ‘School for good governance and participatory development’ (five blocks of 2-days workshop)
      • Training on policy analysis and shadow report
    2. providing “support shop” permanent assistance and information services to CSOs and local self-governments and other relevant local stakeholders
      • information and network support – continual digest and dissemination of relevant information through ODRAZ’s Community network and Association of Croatian Towns’ means
      • technical assistance in preparing at least six partnership projects
      • best cases demonstration from EU – organized visit of good practice in Gent and Brussels
    3. promoting good governance and public awareness:
      • short film on importance and benefits for all sectors and communities of public consultations, participation in decision-making and good governance
      • three public events that are organized towards the end of the project to present the project results, but also to discuss the state of public participation in each area and to give recommendations for improvement
      • regular cooperation with media


    • 35 representatives of NGOs, local authorities, city councils and other key local stakeholders completed training on principles and methods of good governance and participatory development and Training on policy analysis and shadow report
    • over 300 information forwarded to interested parties about current calls for project proposals, events, training and publications, through electronic media and social networks
    • made a short animated film about the importance of citizen participation in decision-making
    • defined 6 partner projects
    • Study visit to Bruxelles and Gent – 30 participants got acquainted with the work of the European institutions and our representations in Bruxelles, examples of best practice of cooperation of the City of Gent with its citizens and international civil society organizations.
    • held 3 public events attended by over 150 participants (Ključić Brdo, Knin and Zagreb)
    • 20 media releases


    Project coordinator: ODRAZ – Sustainable Community Development
     Association of Cities in Croatia; ZvoniMir, Knin; Local action group Four rivers, Sisak
    Duration of project:
     24 months (1 January 2015 – 31 December 2016)
    Project funded by: EU / IPA 2011 – Reinforcing Support of CSOs’ in Enhancing Transparency and Good Governance in Croatian Public Administration


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