Building Trust in Community Philanthropy

The project aimed to strengthen the capacity of local civil society organizations in Slavonia in order to lessen the perceived problems at the local level through the promotion and support of innovative forms of local philanthropic actions. The project was implemented in five Slavonian counties, while the research on the “Culture of Giving” covers the whole of Croatia.

The target groups of the project were local civil society organizations, the corporate sector, local and regional authorities and citizens, and project beneficiaries from the foster care system, small, local civil society organizations, decision-makers at the local level and all other citizens.

    The project was consisted of four groups of activities:

    1. The development of an innovative philanthropy model in Baranja: after implementing a feasibility study based on the ODRAZ method, a foundation in Beli Manastir was established. It cares about the needs of young people without parental care after leaving the foster care system.
    2. National research of individual and corporate philanthropy in Croatia: this research, for which data processing and report preparation was in charge of ODRAZ, provided relevant information on the amount of funding disbursed for charitable purposes, reasons / motivation for giving and trends of giving in Croatia, whereby the data obtained was compared with the data of other countries in the region.
    3. Encouraging individual philanthropy – an on-line delivery module was established.
    4. Encouraging corporate liability – regional award for philanthropic of the year in the corporate sector.

    Project results are:

    • developed a feasibility study for the Path of Trust
    • prepared flyer “I want to know about philanthropy”
    • The new PUT Foundation was promoted, an initial fund of 8,526.40 HRK was collected, three local campaigns aimed to raise funds for young people leaving the foster care system in the Baranja area were conducted
    • An online donation module for local civil society organizations has been established > is a new fundraising toolkit for civil society organizations from Slavonia and Baranja. This innovative NGOs toolkit enables additional fundraising by motivating citizens, businesses, and crafts to donate.
    • A regional research on the culture of donations was conducted
    • A national research on habits and culture of giving in the Republic of Croatia was conducted
    • Regional Award for Year Philanthropist in the Business Sector – Johann Kolhlhoffer was promoted, established and awarded
    • A final project conference about the overall project results was presented
    • in collaboration with the Association of Hedgehog Perfections from Osijek, prepared two films: About the Johann Kohlhoffer Award and about filantropy and its meaning


    Duration of the project: 19th October 2015 – 18th May 2017

    Project funded by: EU / IPA 2012 – Encouraging innovative forms of philanthropy in local communities to support the sustainability of civil society organizations

    Partners: Community Foundation Slagalica from Osijek, ODRAZ – Sustainable Community Development, PGDI – Project Civic Democratic Initiatives from Beli Manastir

    This project was funded by the European Union under the IPA 2012 grant scheme Encouraging innovative forms of philanthropy in local communities to support the sustainability of civil society organizations.For IPA component I, the contracting authority is the Central Finance and Contracting Agency for European Union programs and projects.

    This project was co-financed by the Office for Cooperation with NGOs of the Government of the Republic of Croatia.

    The value of the project was 109,457.22 EUR, of which 100.000,00 EUR was contracted by the Central Finance and Contracting Agency.

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