Our planet and the 17 goals

ODRAZ translated on croatian language a comic about Sustainable Development Goals ˝The planet and the 17 goals˝ by Margreet de Heer, part of the Comics Uniting Nations Initiative, which aims to spread the word about the 17 Goals in the form of comics.


UNICEF, PCI Media Impact and the NGO Reading for Change, came together in a project called Comics Uniting Nations. The idea is to make the SDGs accessible to kids and adults alike through comics. The way they describe the series is that it leverages the universal visual language and transformative power of comics to create positive and lasting change worldwide.

Author Margreet de Heer invite everyone to use these comics and spread them around, especially teachers. For easy use, a full PDF of the combined comics is available, as well as a powerpoint that can be shown in classrooms and beyond (you can find it here.).

From its founding in the year 2000 until today, ODRAZ advocates, encourages actions and provides support to implementation of changes directed towards sustainability. After publishing a brochure  New challenge – Global Sustainable Development Goals until 2030 in 2015 and translating  Reports in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for 2016 and 2017, we decided to translate and edit this comic book so that children, through the SDGs, learn about the importance of preserving our planet and motivate teachers to teach children about responsible behavior toward other people, nature and the environment.

ODRAZ supports the Global Sustainable Development Goals and will continue to inform the relevant stakeholders and the wider public issues related to goals and the 2030 Agenda.

Publisher: ODRAZ- Sustainable Community Development, 2018

The print was financed by the City of Zagreb within the project  Making safe and sustainable urban environment with Sustainable Development Goals.

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