ODRAZ participated in Mediterranean Urban Forum held in Athens

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ODRAZ, as a Secretary of CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia-SEE network participated in Mediterranean Mobility Forum held in Athens on October 25 and 26. The Forum was organized by CIVINET Greece-Cyprus and partners on Urban Transports project.

The main topics on the Forum were active mobility culture in our cities, sustainable mobility planning in tourist areas, e-mobility deployment in Mediterranean cities and the role of urban transport regarding the extreme climate change effects in the region.

In front of 80 participants, Goran Lampelj presented the importance of SUMPs as a tool in mitigating climate change and the current ODRAZ project CLIMASUM-Climate Mitigation to sustainable urban mobility.

During these two days, the future of the Mediterranean areas and EU policies on sustainable mobility affecting the region, including the Interreg Euro-MED programme, were discussed.

On the first day of the conference, few topics were discussed. Firstly, a session about decarbonization of mobility and resilience against climate change took place. Then it was discussed about sustainable mobility planning and innovation in Mediterranean cities.  Lastly, the Urban Transports project experience in terms of active modes of transport, sustainable mobility planning and the use of big data for better transport management.

The program also included a study visit that introduced the Athenian approach to sustainable mobility and the expansion of the pedestrian zone in the city center. The pedestrian zone combines cultural sights and recreation into a unique and special experience.

The second day was devoted to the topic of integration of electromobility into the urban transport network. The workshop covered infrastructural issues, public transport, automated vehicles, the issue of delivery, social conditions and possible changes, as well as adequate adaptation of transport planning. Electric cars are not the only and sufficient solution. It is necessary to expand the network to other forms of electromobility, while also taking into account suburban areas that are increasingly crowded and gravitate towards city centers.

Special emphasis was placed on electric buses and innovations available on the market for the procurement of equipment and for charging batteries.

The forum was organized by the CIVINET Greece-Cyprus network in cooperation with the partners on the Urban Transports project.

Presentations are available HERE.

Check out the policy briefs on the promotion of soft mobility, tourism and mobility, and electromobility in the Mediterranean, as well as a detailed visualization of the creation of the Athenian promenade.


Participation in the Forum was financed within the CLIMASUM project.


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