CLIMASUM – Climate mitigation through sustainable urban mobility

Project CLIMASUM addresses the issue of the future of mobility in the context of sustainability, participatory approach and priority strategies for the future of Europe such as Green Deal – through smart, sustainable and innovative planning of mobility in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The project puts a concept of SUMPs in the focus, thus further closing the gap in mobility planning trends in West and East Europe, and support more efficient and climate neutral mobility planning in countries where take-up of sustainable mobility measures is so far low and the impacts of transport are more severe and less sustainable.



      Target group

      • Public authorities at local, regional and national level in implementing countries
      • Young professionals/students – future community leaders
      • Civil society
      • Academia
      • Enterprises
      • Citizens/community

      Main objectives

      1. Improve coordination of networks for sustainable mobility
      2. Improve understanding of capacity gaps and climate mitigation options regarding sustainable mobility
      3. Increase capacities and knowledge among the stakeholders in sustainable mobility in planning and implementing sustainable mobility measures


      1. Capacity development to empower target groups for more effective SUMP processes
      within their cities

      1.1. Knowledge transfer through the organization of study tours for partners and stakeholders
      1.2. Good practices exchange via SUMP Competence Centres
      1.3. Internal capacity building through the attendance at international conferences

      2. Current state analysis and Sustainable mobility policy development

      2.1. Current status analyses regarding sustainable mobility measures
      2.2. Policy recommendations for efficient sustainable urban mobility planning

      • Developing of four topical guides:
        • Technical specifications for SUMP development
        • Evaluation and monitoring of SUMP process
        • Participatory approach in SUM planning
        • Guidelines on institutional co-operation for sustainable mobility

      3. Education and training

      3.1. National workshops/training events in all implementing countries for city representatives, decision makers, stakeholders in urban mobility (topics: electromobility and clean transport, public transport, SUMP
      development, financing and evaluation, poly-SUMP strategies for regions, inovative technologies in SUMP implementation)

      3.2. Summer school for future community leaders (young professionals / students) with focus on practical training  – 20 young professionals/students will have an opportunity to be a part of five-day training event where the focus is on planning sustainable, resilient cities with low-carbon transport in Zadar, Banja Luka and Sarajevo

      3.3. Online workshops for young professionals and future mobility leaders

      4. Smart and sustainable mobility awareness raising

      4.1. Online awareness raising about sustainable mobility
      4.2. Sustainable mobility conferences
      4.3. Awareness raising campaign in sustainable mobility



      Implementer: ODRAZ – Sustainable Community Development
      Partners: Center for Environment (Centar za životnu sredinu) Banja Luka; Transport Research Centre (Centrum dopravního výzkumu, v. v. i.) Brno
      Project duration: 10/2021 – 9/2023
      Financing: The project budget is € 387.778,31, of which the grant amounts are € 362.771,31

      Contact person: Magdalena Makar,

      More about European Climate Initiative (EUKI):

      #CLIMASUM #ClimateMitigation  #UrbanMobility

      This project is part of the European Climate Initiative (EUKI) of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU).




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