Plan and combine! Educational workshop on new concepts of spatial – urban planning successfully held in Zagreb

20.12.2018 | ODRAZ news

On December 13, 2018, two-day educational workshop on sustainable urban mobility planning in cities focusing on multimodality in spatial planning and urban planning was successfully held in Zagreb. Over 40 participants – students and professors – took part in this event, organized by ODRAZ.

On the first day, students and professors from Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, Faculty of Architecture, Geographical Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (Spatial Planning and Regional Development) and Faculty of Forestry (Urban Forestry, Nature and Environmental Protection) learn about the new concepts of spatial – urban urban planning.

The aim of the workshop was to involve students in reflection and planning of mobility, to inform them about strategic and legal frameworks, social aspects of traffic impacts, and citizens’ needs to regulate traffic and intermodal public areas of the city.

The lecturers and the topics of their presentations were the following:

  • Ivan Šimunec, representative of the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure – ˝Strategic and legal frameworks in urban mobility planning˝
  • Ante Klečina, Varaždin County – ˝Integrated approach – availability for all without a car,
  • examples from EU countries˝
  • Slaven Gašparović, PMF-Geographic Department – ˝Social aspect of traffic impact in spatial planning˝
  • Rene Lisac, Society of Architects Zagreb – ˝Project Zagreb for Me: the needs of citizens for the planning of traffic and intermodal public areas of the city˝
  • Lea Petrović Krajnik, Faculty of Architecture
  • Davor Brčić, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences
  • Marko Stančec, NGO Union of cyclists – ˝Examples of EU projects: urban mobility, multimodality and the impact on quality of life˝

The next day, student divided in groups worked on their ideas how to improve the city of Zagreb. Some of the ideas were:

  • Expanding the pedestrian zone in the center of Zagreb
  • Preservation of the historic core of Zagreb
  • Connecting the north and south subway to the tram line
  • Improving and expanding the tram line trams during the tourist season
  • Increasing citizens’ quality of life and security
  • Better traffic connectivity and intermodality of city traffic
  • Solutions for Savski trg and suburban traffic

* Education was implemented within the project Plan and combine! EU policies for better urban mobility planning.


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