First annual CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia conference

11.02.2014 | ODRAZ news

First annual CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia assembly was held on February 6th 2014 in Ljubljana, with participation of representatives of multiple cities and other urban mobility stakeholders from both countries. Founding of CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia in April 2013 was initiated by Ljubljana City Council, Regional Environment Protection Center in Ljubljana, Koprivnica City Council, ODRAZ and Association of cities of Croatia.

The purpose of CIVINET network is cooperation of Croatian and Slovenian cities in creating conditions for sustainable development, better mobility of population in city centersreducing negative effects of climate change and improving air quality. As an example of best practice, Helena Hećimović from Koprivnica presented CIVITAS DYN@MO project wich is being implemented in her town..

The assembly confirmed the CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia management comitee members which consists of representatives of four Croatian cities (Čakovec, Koprivnica, Rijeka and Zagreb) and four Slovenian cities (Ljubljana, Maribor, Nova Gorica and Velenje).ODRAZ was confirmed as Croatian secretariat for the project.

In the Action plan for 2014, a study tour to places of best practice examples is planned (Ljutomer, Murska Sobota, Čakovec and Koprivnica) which will be organised in spring this year.

CIVINET networks are funded by CIVITAS CAPITAL Programme and are designed to gather cities in neighbouring countries as well as other stakeholders who communicate more efficiently through the iniciative. On this basis, Networks of francophone countries, german speaking countries were formed, as well as networks of Spain-Portugal, Italy, Great Britain-Ireland, Netherlands-Flanders, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic-Slovakia and Slovenia-Croatia. So far 33 cities and organisations joined CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia Network, of which 10 cities from Slovenia and 11 from Croatia, making it the most numerous CIVINET network.  

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