A national workshop on localization of sustainable development goals

21.05.2021 | Featured, ODRAZ news

The last event related to sustainable development and sustainable development goals, organized by the City of Split in cooperation with ODRAZ as part of the international project “Shaping fair cities – Integrating Agenda 2030 within local policies”, was held online on May 14, 2021. 

The goal of the training, which was attended by some 50 participants from all parts of Croatia and all sectors, was a presentation of SDGs and activities related to their implementation oat the local level. The event was moderated by Lidija Pavić-Rogošić from ODRAZ.

The project “Shaping fair cities – Integrating Agenda 2030 within local policies”was presented by Radojka Tomašević from the City of Split.

    Lidija Pavić-Rogošić from ODRAZ had a short presentation about sustainable development and localization of sustainable development goals and why localization is important. She pointed out that the implementation of SDGs requires changes in the way of thinking and behaving, as well as in the way of thinking about innovation, education and governance. Authorities and other public institutions should be mediators to create partnerships and cooperation. The involvement of all stakeholders is needed with an emphasis on communication, dialogue and connection.

    One of the results of the project is the Local Implementation Plan of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of Split, presented by Toni Jerković. The plan contains an analysis of the situation in the city of Split and guidelines for achieving SDGs, defines future steps, the necessary resources and ways to involve all stakeholders. The plan will be included in the Development Strategy of the City of Split until 2030. Participants had the opportunity to work in groups to discuss the most important goals for local sustainable development. All of them pointed out that respect among sectors and stakeholders is very important for achieving the goals.

    Concrete examples of localization of sustainable development goals were presented and why this is important, how local resources can be used and civil society involved, and how joint cooperation of different sectors and stakeholders can be promoted. Successful and innovative projects implemented in the area of Koprivnica, Križevci, Biograd na Moru and Pregrada were presented.

    More about the project at www.shapingfaircities.eu


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