ODRAZ conducted two workshops on sustainable development as part of the School Volunteer Club project

24.05.2021 | Featured, News, ODRAZ news

On 18 and 21 May 2021, ODRAZ held workshops in Zagreb and Korenica on sustainable development and the involvement of young people in caring for the local community.

The workshops were held as part of the project School Volunteer Club – a place of personal and social development of young people, solidarity and active citizenship, which is implemented by the association Maštara from Zagreb. ODRAZ is a partner in the project.






During the workshop, we placed special emphasis on examples of good practice of involving young people in the community through various projects and activities. Participants selected the three most important Global Goals for the local community, and then analyzed the potentials, stakeholders, needs and problems of the Plitvice Lakes Municipality.

The workshop, led by Elizabet Gašparov from ODRAZ, was organized as part of the School Volunteer Club of the Association Maštara. ODRAZ is a partner in the project.

Photo gallery from the workshops is available at: https://www.odraz.hr/multimedija/galerija-slika/odraz-ove-radionice-o-odrzivom-razvoju-18-i-21-svibnja-2021/

The general goal of the project is to strengthen civil society organizations and local (regional) self-government units from the City of Zagreb and the municipality of Plitvice Lakes in order to improve the quality of life of young people and their local communities.


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