Meeting of the CIVINET European networks held in Zagreb

26.05.2022 | Featured, News, ODRAZ news

ODRAZ (Secretariat of the CIVINET network Slovenia-Croatia-SEE) hosted the CIVINET European network meeting in Zagreb from May 23 to 25, 2022. During three intensive days, the way the networks function and the mutual exchange of knowledge and experience, as well as future plans, were discussed. The event was attended by representatives of seven out of a total of 10 networks – CIVINET Czech Republic-Slovakia, CIVINET Spain-Portugal, CIVINET Greece-Cyprus, CIVINET Netherlands, CIVINET Romania, CIVINET Hungary and the host network.

Fred Dotter, from the Mobiel 21 organization, coordinator of CIVITAS Elevate and initiator of the meeting, greeted the participant. On behalf of the hosts, Matija Vuger from the City of Zagreb (Network coordinator) and Goran Lampelj from the Secretariat addressed the attendees.

Torsten Klimke, head of innovation and research in the Directorate General for Mobility and Transport of the European Commission, greeted the participants via video link.

CIVINET is a group of networks of cities that promote access to CIVITAS at the local level. CIVITAS national networks are founded on the principle of easier understanding and communication, and bring together, in addition to local authorities, other organizations interested in sustainable urban mobility.

The first day (Strategy Day) was dedicated to the mutual presentation of the networks through a short pitch presentation, after which the participants had the opportunity to give each other feedback.

The focus of the second day (Exchange Day) was on informal and formal transfer of knowledge and advice, success stories from CIVINET networks, exchange of ideas, professional development and networking. A field visit was organized for the participants, during which Matija Vuger from the City of Zagreb presented the plans for the expansion of pedestrian zones in Zagreb, after which a ride on the Sljeme cable car was organized for everyone.

The last day (What is next day) of the joint gathering was dedicated to thinking about the future, whereby the World Cafe method was used in the group work. Through a structured conversation, the participants discussed how to establish better cooperation with the CIVITAS Initiative, where they see the CIVINET networks in five years, and how to attract new users and “sell” their services.

The meeting was organized as part of the CIVITAS Elevate project with the support of the CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia-SEE network.

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