Do citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina participate in decision making processes?

One of our activities within the project `Youth and public policy` was to prepare a handbook with the results of a research on the existing practice of CSO participation in decision making on local level in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The research aimed to explore the level of public participation in public policy shaping and monitoring on a local level, as well as to suggest improvements.

 Starting point

To explore the existing situation and to entice cooperation between civil and public sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to enhance the decision making process.

A total of 25 CSOs and 13 municipalities from different parts of the country took part in this research.

Handbook content:

  • Overview of similar research conducted in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Research results with recommendations
  • Best practice examples from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

Target group
Young participants involved in the project `Youth and public policy`, as well as their partner organizations and representatives of municipalities.

Publisher: ODRAZ, 2014

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