Participatory management of natural resources

Project objective was to strengthen capacities of local CSOs to monitor and cooperate with local authorities during the implementation of policies relevant for managing public goods and natural resources

During two years of project implementation we promoted transparency and citizens’ involvement in the management of public goods and natural resources in the area of Town of Velika Gorica. Achievement of the objectives were ensured through set of organized workshops and seminars in Velika Gorica, and in other cities (Koprivnica, Osijek, Rijeka i Zadar) and a study tour to learn from European good practices. 

    Partners encouraged wider citizens’ involvement through a volunteer program for students which enabled them to gain experience and opportunity to contribute to the community good.

    An important component of the project was educational campaign to raise citizens’ awareness in Velika Gorica. To ensure a permanent and strong cooperation between the town representatives and CSOs , a multi-sectoral working group was established to monitor the management of public goods and natural resources. Multi-sectoral working group allows a continuous and systematic public debate on topics of citizens’ interest that will continue after the end of the project. Partners shared the results of the project with other interested parties from the area of Osijek, Koprivnica and Zadar to encourage similar activities in other Croatian counties.

    Results of the project

    • At the beginning of the implementation of the project, a survey was conducted to examine the opinion of the local public on the transparency and openness of local administration and quality of local policies in regards to the management of natural resources and awareness of the need for participatory form of management,
    • Two seminars on participatory resource management and community organization were held in Velika Gorica with a view to better management of natural resources,
    • Working group was established to improve the management of natural resources in the area of Velika Gorica, whose members are representatives of local associations, local authorities and other relevant institutions; during the meetings, the topic of discussion was on how to improve the management of natural resources within the jurisdiction of the town, primarily by involving citizens in a early stage, through working with initiatives, associations or citizens,
    • Study tour to Bologna (Italy) was organised, during which the participants had the opportunity to become familiar with models of participative management of natural resources,
    • Two advocacy campaigns were launched in the area of Velika Gorica, during which citizens were invited to participate in the process of management of forests and water and informed about proper of waste management,
    • Programme of professional training and volunteering in Velika Gorica was held,
    • Four young volunteers were engaged in community work within ZMAG Association, as well as in other partner organizations,
    • Four regional dissemination workshops “SuDjelujte!” – Organization of participatory management in the local community” was held in Osijek, Rijeka, Koprivnica and Zadar,
    • The second round of surveys has been conducted to examine whether there has been any change in the opinion of the local public on the transparency and openness of local administration and local resource management policies and the level of awareness with the participatory form of management,
    • Five informative short films were recorded, available on the project’s YouTube channel
    • A brochure “How Citizens can Participate in Better Management of Natural Resources” was prepared,
    • The final conference “Good governance – smart waste management” was held in Velika Gorica,
    • Informational flyer “Did you know?” about recycling household waste was prepared

    Lead partner: DOOR

    Partners: Town of Velika Gorica, ODRAZ-Sustainable Community Development, Association of Towns in Croatia, Green network of activist groups-ZMAG

    The project “Participatory management of natural resources” was funded through EU IPA 2012 Strengthening local partnerships for open government and the fight against corruption in the responsible management of natural resources and co-financed by the Office for Cooperation with NGOs.

    The total project value was € 208,195.89, and was implemented during 24 months, starting from 2 November 2015.

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