Making safe and sustainable urban environment with Sustainable Development Goals

The purpose of the project was to educate and raise the awareness of citizens about the need for environmental protection and sustainable development in the city of Zagreb with an emphasis on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


The overall objective of the project was to raise the level of citizens’ awareness of the importance of environmental protection and sustainable development and to educate them about major challenges and solutions from a global to a local level.


    The specific objective of the project was to promote the Sustainable Development Goals by organizing a series of thematic lectures and workshops within the framework of various events, learning about the main challenges for achieving sustainable development and linking relevant environmental stakeholders in the Zagreb area. The project aimed at achieving the third priority area of the competition: improving the state of the urban environment by raising awareness of the environment and sustainable development.


    1. Translation and print of Sustainable Development Goals Comic book ˝The planet and the 17 goals˝

    ODRAZ translated on croatian language a comic about Sustainable Development Goals ˝The planet and the 17 goals˝ by Margreet de Heer, part of the Comics Uniting Nations Initiative, which aims to spread the word about the 17 Goals in the form of comics. (

    The comic is available at the following link:

    2. Panel discussion “Culture, cities and sustainable development” (Zagreb, 30th May)

    The panel discussion marked the European Sustainable Development week and the European Year of Cultural Heritage.

    ODRAZ and Croatian Association of Towns (National URBACT Point) organized a panel discussion about influence, contribution and importance of culture and cultural heritage for sustainable development of cities and on the place culture takes in the lives of citizens

    * Report: /en/news/odraz-news/panel-discussion-%E2%80%9Eculture-cities-and-sustainable-development%E2%80%9C-held-in-zagreb

    Duration: November 1 – December 31, 2018

    Financial support: City of Zagreb

    Project coordinator: ODRAZ – Sustainable Community Development

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