Mobility in my neighborhood- solutions for women’s safe mobility

The aim of the project is to collect data through a participatory process on the daily mobility problems faced by women in the area of the local board Folnegovićevo naselje and their needs. Through the analysis of proposals and needs and the study of examples of good practice from Western Europe, a proposal for traffic and urban planning solutions will be made.

The solutions will be proposed for implementation as part of small communal actions in 2023 and will represent a pilot project for other local committees in the Zagreb area.


    With the project, we will encourage a better understanding of the community related to the difficulties in using public spaces and the public transport system of vulnerable groups. We will open space for dialogue, better information and cooperation.

    Main activities:

    1. Project team meetings and continuous communication with the public
    2. Creation of the presentation “Examples of good practice”
    3. Organization of meetings with citizens

    Expected results:

    1. The course of the project is planned in detail, the training program adapted to the participants
    2. Presentation – analysis of available studies, examples of good practice and results
    3. Collected women’s opinions from the area of local board Folnegovićevo naselje

    Implementation period: September 1, 2022. – March, 31, 2023

    Project value: 25,000.00 HRK

    Funding: City of Zagreb

    Image: Tarik Walid El Kawam, I always have her back, competition Mobility in my Neighborhood (2017)


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