From education to participation – Interactive training program on citizen participation in decision making

The project’s objective was to strengthen and prepare local development stakeholders in the city of Zagreb, which contributed to positive changes, especially in their local communities.


The purpose of the project was to increase the capacity to develop effective social practices in the city of Zagreb and to increase the involvement of citizens and stakeholders in the processes of designing, implementing and monitoring programs and plans in Zagreb.



During the education, attendees had an opportunity to assess and consider the predominant models of social change and development and at the same time have the opportunity to improve the capacity to work in a real environment that will contribute to changes for wider social benefit.


Direct beneficiaries were trainees of sustainable development training, a total of 40-50 people, representatives of city offices, civil society organizations, business entities and other interested citizens, through two two-day training blocks.

Indirect users were members of organizations from which attendees and local community are coming, in which projects and programs were developed to increase citizen participation and all other key local stakeholders.


  • organized and conducted two two-day training blocks – 40-50 carefully selected participants gained new knowledge and skills on the concept and principles of sustainable development, the way of planning and implementing sustainable development projects, community organization, public consultation etc;
  • provided technical assistance in preparing needs assessment and designing projects


Project coordinator: ODRAZ – Sustainable Community Development
Duration: September 1 – December 31, 2018
Financing: The project was financed by the City of Zagreb













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