{VIDEO} Community Led Local Development-CLLD

29.12.2014 | ODRAZ news

Osnovne informacije o novom pristupu lokalnom razvoju u EU 2014.-2020. možete naći u krakom animiranom filmu, kojeg smo pripremili kako bismo širu javnost informirali o načelima takvog razvoja i animirali građane da se okupe i pokrenu aktivnosti u svojim zajednicama.

The principles of such development are explained, with the aim to animate and encourage citizens to come together and initiate activities in their communities.

The approach is based on networking and partnership of representatives of all sectors (public, civil and business) in creation and implementation of local development strategies towards a more sustainable future.

This is a very powerful tool that, especially in the time of crisis, should show that local communities are able to take smart, sustainable and inclusive steps in different areas of the local development.

Directing, illustration and animation of the film was made by ODRAZ’s long-time collaborator Natko Stipaničev, The script for the film was written by Natko Stipaničev, Lidija Pavić-Rogošić and Višnja Jelić Mück from ODRAZ.

The film was financed by the City of Zagreb within the project “Active Citizens as a driver for local development”.

* The film is available here.

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