National Forum on Soil “How to protect the soil”

13.11.2020 | Featured, ODRAZ news

It is necessary to intensively and continuously inform the public about all problems and dangers related to soil degradation and consumption, as well as joint advocacy – science, practice, institutions and civil society organizations towards decision makers. The alarm is on, an urgent reaction is needed – this is the message of the first national soil forum held online on November 10, 2020, organized by the Green Istria Association and ODRAZ within the SOIL4LIFE project.

The aim of the forum was to bring together national actors to raise public awareness of the problem of soil degradation and stimulate decision makers for protection activities. The forums are planned to be held in five European cities, and the Forum organized in Croatia is the first.



We are extremely glad that this important topic was recognized and about 70 participants followed the event – representatives of relevant ministries, institutes and faculties, representatives of various associations and LAGs and other interested stakeholders.

The event was moderated by the ODRAZ director, Lidija Pavić-Rogošić.


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