Fifth training-block of Academy of sustainable development for teachers

19.10.2020 | Featured, ODRAZ news

Fitfh training-block of Academy of sustainable development for teachers was organized in Zlatna greda on 16th and 17th of October October 2020, as a part of the project Thinking sustainable – teaching youth for sustainable development. 30 teachers from partner schools participated in a workshop on conflict management and visited exmamples of good practice.

Host of fifth trainig block was a project partner, Volunteer Center Osijek. Beside ODRAZ, representatives of partner organizations also participated: Association for Civil Society Development SMART, Association “MI˝ – Split, Osijek Volunteer Center, 1st Gymnasium Osijek, School of Design, Graphics and Sustainable Construction Split, and teachers from The Private High School for Arts Zagreb participated online.

A conflict management workshop was held, led by Nikoleta Poljak form the Volunteer Center in Osijek. We continued with inspirational examples of good practice of sustainable local development: House in nature Zlatna greda, environmental association Green Osijek, Europeana – European Commission platform for digital cultural heritage, 1st Gymnasium Osijek and Sustainable development in The Private High School for Arts in Zagreb.

They showed us a video to represent how they link art, biology and croatian language class with the sustainable development subject. The gathering ended with a visit to Kopački rit. Academy enriched us with new coginzances and offered us many examples of good practice, which are a good incentive to #thinksustainable.


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