SUSTINEO – Through collaboration, participation, research and education to sustainability

How to contribute to achieving sustainable development in Croatia? The answer of our project is to connect and network associations, local government and higher education institutions and to strengthen the capacity for joint action in the implementation of sustainable development. Among other things, we will conduct several surveys and analyze public policies related to sustainable development.

Project coordinator: ODRAZ-Sustainable Community Development


  • Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb
  • Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb
  • Center for Development of Non-Profit Organizations CERANEO
  • Association SMART
  • Association “Green Istria”
  • DEŠA Dubrovnik
  • Foundation for the development of the local community Slagalica
  • Association of Cities in the Republic of Croatia
  • Association “ZvoniMir” Knin
  • Croatian Rural Development Network – HMRR



Implementation period: October 28, 2020 – October 27, 2023

Funding: European Social Fund – Thematic networks for socio-economic development and the promotion of social dialogue in the context of improving working conditions

Project value: 3,473,996.69 HRK

For more information on EU funds:; 

Target groups

Civil society organizations, local governments and public scientific institutions.

Main activities

1. Encouraging cooperation between the public and civil sector, strengthening their capacities for action in the field of sustainable development and the establishment of the Network for Local Sustainable Development

2. Conducting public opinion polls and scientific research relevant to the field of sustainable development, on the basis of which guidelines will be prepared and analyzes of the social impacts of proposed interventions for sustainable development will be conducted

3. Implementation of structured dialogue and advocacy activities with decision makers for the adoption of quality public policies and the implementation of sustainable development in the Republic of Croatia at all levels

Contact person for more information: Elizabet Gašparov,

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