Digital Literacy Development Network

[ONGOING] Digital literacy development network is a three-year project for the development of a network of partners from the civil, public and private sectors whose goal is the development of digital literacy of citizens. aims to network stakeholders in the development of digital literacy in Croatia.

Project holder: Telecentar

Partners: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Organization and Informatics Varaždin Croatia, University of North Koprivnica, Institute of Public Finance Zagreb, University of Algebra Zagreb, Technical Culture Center Rijeka, ODRAZ – Sustainable Community Development, Institute for Youth Development and Innovation Zagreb, Croatian Informatics Association Zagreb, Croatian Association of Informatics Zagreb, Association of Croatian High School Principals Zagreb, Croatian Employers’ Association Zagreb, Association “Dobar dan” Zagreb

Implementation period: October 29, 2020 – October 28, 2023

Funding: European Social Fund – Thematic networks for socio-economic development and the promotion of social dialogue in the context of improving working conditions

Project value: 3,598,871.35 HRK

Web page: Croatian Digital Literacy Network

For more information on EU funds:; 

During the project, we will provide scientific research and development guidelines in the field of Digital Citizenship, Digital Education, Work and New Occupations, and Digital Talents and Innovations will be conducted.

The project will work on building additional capacities for participation in European projects of research and development of the digital society, and brand Croatian examples of good practice in the country abroad.

Network members will be able to join working groups 1. Digital Citizenship; 2. Digital education, work and new occupations; 3. Digital talents; Digital research, development and innovation and 4. Digital branding of Croatia.

(1) Developing dialogue and strengthening cooperation between civil society organizations, local and regional self-government units, state administration, companies and educational and scientific institutions with the aim of developing digital literacy in the Republic of Croatia

  • Strengthening the partnership of civil society organizations and involving new members of the thematic network
  • Public opinion polling and society needs testing
  • Advocacy and implementation of a structured dialogue of all stakeholders and decision makers

(2) Capacity building for participation in digital society research and development projects and programs

  • Conducting scientific research in the area identified the necessary social change
  • Development of guidelines for policy development
  • Making a social impact analysis

ODRAZ’s role in the project

ODRAZ is the coordinator of working group 1. Digital Citizenship, which will contribute to the implementation of the “Digital Society Creation Policy” within the EU strategy for the development of the Digital Single Market by conducting research and developing inclusive guidelines for decision makers at the national and local level. The policy envisages building smart cities, improving access to e-government, e-health services and digital skills, thus enabling the development of a truly digital European society.


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