First training-block “School for good governance and participatory development” held in Kutina

05.02.2019 | ODRAZ news

During 29 and 30 January 2019, first training-block “School for good governance and participatory development” was successfully held at Open University Kutina. Around 25 representatives of civil and public sector from Kutina had an opportunity to learn more about the importance of sustainable development for society, the principles of good governance and the roles of sectors in local sustainable development, with an emphasis on their contribution to culture.

Introductory part of the program was dedicated to the presentation of the project, its aims and planned program of the workshops.

Project manager Stjepan Badanjek presented the project Tick-tack, it’s time for culture, the principal of Kutina Open University and project co-ordinator Jasminka Molnar welcomed everyone present.


After presentation of the program, trainer and participant, ODRAZ director Lidija Pavić-Rogošić presented the principles of sustainable development and explained the link between culture and sustainable development. In the first module, she defined the principles of democratic society and explained concepts of development, development practice and collaborative activities.

The second module was focused on the development of a concept of sustainable development at the international level and explained the obstacles to sustainable development in Croatia. It was emphasized that sustainable development is an important tool for community change and development, but it needs to be planned in advance. It has also been emphasized that culture as the fourth pillar of sustainable development is often forgotten. But culture is an integral part of society. Its development implies a number of additional benefits such as greater social inclusion, innovation, creativity and the use of local resources, skills and knowledge.

The second day of training was devoted to cooperation between sectors at the local level. Elizabet Gašparov from ODRAZ presented several examples of good practices that have developed innovative ideas through project activities.

Then participants, divided into three groups, talked and developed ideas on the ways in which each sector can contribute to the development of culture. They presented their ideas to other groups.

After presenting group work results, 12 principles of good governance at the local level were explained to the participants. Participants were choosing the three principles that are considered most important for the development of their community. The results of voting showed that responsibility is the most important principle for the participants. Responsibility refers to the fact that all decision-makers assume the responsibility for their decisions, make their decisions public and effective. Alongside the responsibility, the most important principles for participants are to meet the expectations and needs of citizens and ethical behavior.

More information about the project Tick-tack, it’s time for culture is available HERE.

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