Summer School for Youth: Interdisciplinary youth teams create excellent traffic and spatial solutions in Šibenik

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In the interdisciplinary atmosphere of work, truly excellent solutions are created. This was once again proven true by young participants of the summer school, mainly students of architecture, construction, transport, geography, mechanical engineering, and IT design. The summer school called “STEM approach for the cities of the future” took place in Šibenik, on the campus of St. John’s Fortress, from 18 to 22 July 2022. On the last day of school there was an Open Day at which young people presented their conceptual solutions to traffic-spatial problems in Šibenik. In total, 25 of them, with the help of mentors, analyzed, created, and improved solutions for five selected topics from the area of Šibenik.

The aim of this summer school was to provide young people with the opportunity to learn about planning spaces in urban areas and to work on concrete problems outside of teaching, which, according to the participants, was successfully achieved.


Summer school was started with introductory lectures on superblock model, cycling infrastructure, cycling traffic and cyclotourism, and on the approach to defining issues in the development of transport solutions in public transport.

Students could opt for one of five following topics:

  • Innovative management of urban traffic in the area of the Old Town and the coast
  • Contribution to the development of the EuroVelo route to the sustainable mobility of the city of Šibenik
  • Integration of all types of public transport of the City of Šibenik into a unique location
  • Revitalization and conversion of Šibenik general hospital
  • Climate resilience and active mobility.

Quality research includes going out in the field and witnessing specific situations at an exact moment, which contributes to the full analysis, the first part of the research, easier choice of methodology and, finally, the quality of research conclusions. Thus, the students had to attend a tour around Šibenik, which was led by Darijo Šego, head of the Undergraduate Professional Study Promet Polytechnic of Šibenik. After collecting the necessary data and directly insight into the situation in the space, the students started their work.

The third day began with lectures on the specialist study City Transport at the Faculty of Transport Sciences and the National Plan for the Development of Cycling Traffic in the Republic of Croatia. This was followed by the continuation of work in groups, followed by a visit to the example of good practice of revitalizing public space, that is, The Fortress of St. Nicholas.

Thursday was a day to complete presentations, hone ideas and refine solutions. The day began with a presentation on the use of hydrogen in urban transport, and then continued work in groups and preparations for presentations at the conference “Transport-Spatial Solutions for cities of the future” which took place on Friday, July 22nd as part of the Open Day.

With a lot of effort and knowledge, motivation and with the advice of mentors, solutions were created that satisfied everyone present at the presentation, but most importantly – the students were satisfied with the solutions themselves. A new experience of working on concrete examples and working in an interdisciplinary team has been gained. Throughout the summer school, and also when creating solutions, the need to involve citizens in changes in the city was emphasized so that the measures would be optimal and accepted. Also, the benefits of these solutions for the city of Šibenik were singled out, which the students themselves recognized:

  • improved quality of life of citizens of Šibenik and their guests
  • the city becomes a place for people
  • encouraging the use of public urban transport
  • reducing emissions
  • increased safety of all citizens and users of the transport system
  • financial prosperity
  • increase in the activity of the population
  • improved travel experiences
  • demographic revitalization
  • decrease in seasonality
  • cross-sectoral cooperation.

By examining the presentations of students, one can judge other positive changes that such and similar solutions bring in the area of Šibenik.

The summer school was organized by ODRAZ in cooperation with DOOR, the Faculty of Transport Sciences and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture. The Summer School is part of the activities of the Urban STEM project co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund. The project is co-financed by the Office for Associations of the Government of the Republic of Croatia.

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