The cities of the future are shaped through dialogue on mobility and participatory spatial planning

26.07.2023 | Featured, News, ODRAZ news

A round table called “Dialogue on sustainable mobility and participatory spatial planning” was held in Šibenik on July 21, 2023 at the fortress of St. John. The round table was organized by ODRAZ as part of the SUSTINEO project – Cooperation, participation, research and education for sustainability. It gathered around 50 participants.

Along with the presentation of the SUSUTINEO project and the research carried out as part of the project, solutions for the improvement of public spaces created in interdisciplinary teams during the ODRAZ summer school were also presented.

In the beginning, Magdalena Makar from ODRAZ welcomed everyone. Then Vesna Puača from the Zvonimir association in Knin briefly presented the SUSTINEO project.

In addition to the goals and activities of the project, she also pointed out that the final conference of the project will be held in October 2023.

One of the activities of the project was the examination of public opinion and social attitudes, among other things, through six focus groups in five Croatian regions in order to determine the needs and involvement of local stakeholders in designing, deciding and implementing sustainable development policies. Research on the topic of sustainable mobility in Croatian cities with special reference to the current situation, needs and management challenges was conducted by the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Zagreb under the leadership of Assoc. Ph.D. Mario Munta.

The results of the research and guidelines for further action were presented by Goran Lampelj from ODRAZ. Then, in a moderated discussion together with Jana Vukić from the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb, Marko Slavulj and Matija Sikirić from the Department of Urban Transport, Faculty of Transport Sciences, University of Zagreb, and Petra Grgasović from REGEA, he referred to certain aspects of sustainable mobility in Croatia.

Next,  the solutions for traffic-spatial solutions that can make the city a more pleasant place to live in and a sustainable tourist destination were presented. Solutions were developed withing the five interdisciplinary teams during the ODRAZ summer school.

The solutions contribute to the climate resistance of Šibenik due to increasingly frequent heat waves, climate neutrality by reducing emissions and sustainable behavior in mobility with active mobility and strengthening of public transport.

Ante Galić, head of the Secretariat of the City of Šibenik, presented a review of the work of the participants of the summer school. He praised individual solutions and highlighted the possibility of their implementation.

Young experts showed how cities of the future are shaped through dialogue on mobility and participatory planning, cities that are tailored to their residents, comfortable to live in and resistant to climate change.

The conceptual solutions that the young people worked on during the summer school can be used to replicate this activity in other cities in Croatia. Also, solutions are an excellent example of interdisciplinary cooperation in one of the most relevant topics today – planning the cities of the future.

See the photo gallery HERE.

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The round table organized by ODRAZ is part of the activities of the SUSTINEO project. More information about the project:


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