Workshop "From the idea to the project" held in Zagreb (2016)

On the 2nd and 3rd of November 2016 workshop for citizens, representatives of public administration, NGOS and citizen initiatives from the area of the City of Zagreb was held in Zagreb. During the course of two days, 25 participants have learned how to turn a good idea into a successful project through theoretical and practical work.

Participants of the workshop got acquainted with project thinking and logic through translating of the idea to the project.They also got acquainted with the phases of the project (analysis and planning), budgeting and methods of monitoring and evaluation of the project. Before the workshop was held, each participant had a task to apply his project idea through an online-form. Total 15 project ideas were collected, which their proposers presented on the first day of the workshop. Five project ideas were chosen through the voting process and continued to be further developed through practical work in groups.

Chosen project ideas were related to further thematic areas:

  • Sustainable development, circular economy, environment and resource preservation, entrepreneurship
  • Domestic violence (Shelter for women and children -  victims of domestic violence, counselling center and SOS line open 0-24)
  • Interdisciplinary-geoinformatic technologies (creation of GIS of the City of Zagreb)
  • Youth unemployment, labour market
  • Human rights, dealing with the past, capacity building and regional youth cooperation

Given the high interest for the workshop and high number of applications, workshop "From the idea to the project" will once again be held in February 2017.

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