The workshop "Global goals for sustainable development" held at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology

On 9th of December 2016 we held an interactive workshop about the Global goals for sustainable development at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology in Zagreb. 20 participants took part in the workshop, mostly students of chemical engineering and ecological engineering. The workshop was held as part of the project "Global goals for sustainable development: What does Zagreb have to do with it", financed by the City of Zagreb.

A program of the workshop started with Lidija Pavić-Rogošić's lecture on sustainable development, i.e. short quiz questions through which participants' thinking about the principles of sustainable development was fostered. After that, most famous and most common definitions of sustainable development were presented to them, together with the key documents and events on the global, European and the national level. Further, 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development were presented to them. It was interesting to note that most participants were not familiar with the new global goals and they followed the presentation with great interest and participated in the discussion actively.

The representative of UNDP, Sandra Vlašić, also joined the workshop and showed the promo video "We the People" for the Global Goals to the participants. ODRAZ's film about the sustainable development was also shown to them.

After the presentation, participants had the chance to work interactively in four smaller groups - the task was, among others, to discuss the 17 goals and choose three goals most important and most relevant for Croatia. Representatives of groups presented the chosen goals to other participants.

Participants recognized further goals as most important for Croatia:

  • Peace and justice and strong institutions (goal No. 16)
  • Quality education (goal No. 4)
  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure (Goal No. 9) and Responsible consumption and production (Goal No.12)

*Short descriptions of global goals are available in the second revised edition of ODRAZ's publication "New challenge - Global goals for sustainable development", which is available in Croatian language HERE.

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