Progress of rural development policies in South East Europe: periodic review

This periodic review is a result of cooperation of representatives of civil society organizatzions, dealing with rural development in areas of five states: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Crna Gora, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia. The review was made by ODRAZ in cooperation with national coordinators within the project "Platform for rural development of South East Europe".

The aims of creation of periodic review were:

  • To comparatively monitor the situation in rural areas, progress in planning and implementation of rural development and related needs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Crna Gora, Macedonia and Serbia, taking into account experience which Croatia acquired on the road to EU accession,
  • To enable stakeholders/actors of rural development in countries of the Platform to better understanding and apprehend results of the process of rural development in other parts of the area as a starting point for exchange of good practice examples and other experiences, initiation of joint approaches, actions and projects, as well as improvement of rural development process in their own country and in wider areas of South East Europe (JIE),
  • To highlight concordances and discordances in the area of rural development among countries of the Platform and establish a model of successful cooperation in constant communication with rural development actors on a local level,
  • To indicate situation in rural areas of these five countries to decision-makers at European as well as at regional and national levels and to convey messages and recommendations of local stakeholders.

Creation of periodic review "Progress of rural development policies in South East Europe - periodic review" is one of the activities of the project "Platform for rural development of South East Europe", which was conducted in the period from 1st November 2015 to 31st December 2016. Project coordinator was Croatian Rural Development Network and it was financed by National Foundation for Civil Society Development.

Periodic review was prepared by Višnja Jelić Műck from ODRAZ, in cooperation with national coordinators Biljana Arambašić (CARD, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Ratko Bataković (Rural Development Network Crna Gora), Marina Koprivnjak (Croatian Rural Development Network), Petro Gjorgievski (Rural Development Network Macedonia) and Dragan Roganović (IDA, Serbia).

Along with Croatia, which is a member of the EU since the year 2013, other members of the Platform are in different phases of involvement in the EU Accession Procedure. Crna Gora, Macedonia and Serbia have the status of candidate countries, while Bosnia and Herzegovina is a potential candidate. Transfer and exchange of experiences related to adjustment to the European legal framework, application of tested developmental models and the use of new possibilities of rural development financing are thus in the focus of joint work of Platform member countries.

Periodic review (in Croatian) is available HERE.

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