ODRAZ at the Pan-European conference of the project CIMULACT in Bruxelles

At the beginning of December 2016 Lidija Pavić-Rogošić and Marina Dimić Vugec from ODRAZ, participated on two-day Pan-European conference of the project CIMULACT in Bruxelles. Representatives of 30 countries discussed possible research topics and calls of the new The EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation. ODRAZ is one of 30 partners in the projects, responsible for the implementation of the activities in Croatia.

During this very interactive conference, partners in the project CIMULACT, experts from different fields and representatives from the European Commission, jointly revised the research programme scenarios received through online and national consultations, held in September and October 2016.

ODRAZ representatives actively participated in the work of the groups which examined the topics of local communities and education for sustainability.

More on the project CIMULACT is available here.