Meeting with citizens on topics of traffic and mobility in Ilica held

After meetings with citizens about mobility in their neighbourhood were held in six city neighbourhoods, the last meeting was held on 9th May 2017, about the area of one of the longest streets in Zagreb. The meeting was part of the program of the festival Project Ilica/Readymade Ilica, and the most discussed topic was the improvement of the communication between citizens and the City of Zagreb.

Around 20 interested participants gathered at the meeting  - representatives of the traffic regulation attendants and the police, representatives of the City of Zagreb, of the media and citizens.

At the very beginning of the meeting Marina Dimić Vugec from ODRAZ shortly introduced the project "Dialog on mobility in Zagreb" within which these meetings are held. Further, Goran Lampelj from the NGO "Sindikat biciklista" presented the interactive map of Zagreb through which citizens can report problems related to overall traffic infrastructure and public transport. Discussion followed after this.

The main message of the meeting is that the perception of the city representatives does not match the feedback from citizens about the need for better informing and communicating. Citizens do not think of public meetings in which the City of Zagreb would inform them and on which they could discuss the problems and possible solutions as outdated, but see them as necessary.

Meetings with citizens have come to their end, and following next within the project "Dialog on mobility in Zagreb" are educational workshops on which citizens will be able to develop their own projects with the aim of improvement of quality of life in the city. Until the end of the project, in the November of this year, there will also be various roundtables organized. Also, the short film about the participation of public in questions of mobility and traffic is in course of preparation.

*Photo gallery from the event can be viewed HERE.

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