Meeting with citizens of the City District Novi Zagreb - Istok

On Wednesday, 8th February 2017, the meeting with citizens of the City District Novi Zagreb-Istok was held in the Local Committee Zapruđe. It was the fourth of meetings that have been conducted under the name of "Mobility through my neighbourhood", within the project "Dialog on mobility in Zagreb." The meeting has gathered around thirty participants, citizens and members of the councils in the bodies of the municipal self-government.

The meeting was organized by ODRAZ, City of Zagreb and Association"Cyclists' Union", in cooperation with the City District Novi Zagreb-Istok. Representative of the Zagreb Electric Tram, Paško Đirlić, as well as the representative of the II. station of the Zagreb Traffic Police Tomislav Pranjić, also joined, in order to get acquainted with the attitudes, comments and proposals of citizens and offer answers to questions from their area of operation.

After the greeting from the vice president of the City District Dragutin Lacković and introductory explanations of the project manager, the word was given to the gathered citizens.

Most attention and time was given to the underpass under the greatest highway in Novi Zagreb, Avenija Dubrovnik, which connects neighbourhoods Zapruđe and Utrine. Citizens have emphasized the importance of that connection in their everyday mobility, oriented towards the marketplace, school and other important facilities. The underpass was described as dangerous, especially during the bad weather conditions, unfit for maintenance, not easily passable for parents with baby carriages, older people and bicyclists and inaccesible for disabled persons. Ramps for disabled persons are not used. The use of the elevator has also not proved to be justified. It leaks on several places. Due to the unsuitability of the underground pedestrian connection between two sides of the highway, inhabitants often run over the road and subject themselves to danger.

Parking also poses a great problem for the citizens, especially on weekends in the area around the Marketplace Utrine, as well as in the proximity of elementary and nursery schools. In the discussion the citizens emphasized that in the area of neighbourhood bicycle infrastructure is poorly constructed and also missing in some parts. It is their view that it should be improved.

Answers and explanations on questions and problems related to tram and autobus transport were given by the representative of Zagreb Electric Tram.

This meeting showed a great level of interest of citizens for all of the questions related to mobility in their neighbourhood, as well as three former ones. It appears, and part of gathered citizens explicitly stated so, that similar meetings are lacking and there is a lot of space for improvement of communication with citizens and informing about activities conducted by the Local Committees, City District and city government of the City of Zagreb.

During the March and the April of 2017, two more meetings will be conducted - in the City Districts Trešnjevka-jug and Novi Zagreb-zapad.

Photo gallery from the event is available HERE.

More about the project "Dialog on mobility in Zagreb" is available HERE.

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