CIMULACT presented on Croatian Horizon 2020 Information Day and workshop

On Friday, 3rd June 2016 Croatian Agency for Mobility and EU programs and Ministry of science education and sports organised  information day and workshop  for horizontal activity of Horizon 2020 "Science with society and for society". The focus was put on implementation of Horizon 2020 projects, open access, open science, the gender dimension, ethics, public participation, science education, RRI - Responsible Research and Innovation, and new tenders.

ODRAZ - Sustainable Community Development presented project CIMULACT - Citizen and Multi-actor consultation on Horizon 2020 and its impetus on European research and innovation topics that will be financed through Horizon 2020.

The emphasis was put on multi-actor approach and ODRAZ's position as consortium partner in CIMULACT. Open tenders and projects of Horizon 2020 were shown to Croatian institutions and organizations, to motivate them to participate in European Research Area. Also, academic community, business sector, civil society organizations and decision makers were gathered together to stimulate multisector cooperation in future Horizon 2020 projects.

Programme (in Croatian)

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