Through dialogue to better mobility in city districts

ODRAZ prepared a short film about strengthening the dialogue between the city and the citizens. (Click the CC button to see english subtitles)

Citizens know best – participation of citizens in the decision-making process

What is it that motivates citizens to participate - finances, ideology, faith? Or are they motivated by something else - problems and questions on which the future of the community in which they li...

Community Led Local Development-CLLD

A short animated film was prepared by ODRAZ in order to inform public about the new approach to the local development in the EU 2014-2020 - Community Led Local Development (CLLD).

Sustainable development - what´s that?

Look for the answer in 3 minute animated film.

CIVITAS ELAN presents: Alojz and Vlatka - a short video on how to ride a tram

Zagreb retirees, Alojz and Vlatka, are faced with the daily challenges they come across using public transport. How they mastered the challenges and what they learnt about safe driving in public tr...

CIVITAS ELAN presents: Car for all - a short "how to" on carpooling

Carpooling, or sharing a ride, allows for usage of personal car for transporting a group of people, usually to and from work.

CIVITAS ELAN Zagreb presents: Cyclists and pedestrians - a close encounter of two species

Dario is a cyclist, Anica a pedestrian. Although they often come across each other in the urban wilderness, the outcome of their encounter is a mystery.

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