ODRAZ goals

  1. To encourage the sustainable development of local communities by promoting cooperation within and between sectors, and strengthen the capacity of all stakeholders through informal education, organizing meetings, information, publishing, etc.).
  2. To contribute to the democratization and development of civil society by influencing the design and by monitoring  the implementation of public policies and cooperation with relevant stakeholders
  3. Strengthen the capacities and improve the quality of ODRAZ work

For the implementation of the strategy ODRAZ will conduct a variety of activities, such as:


  • School for Sustainable Local Development
  • Community Network-support for HMRR
  • Rural Development Projects
  • Reflections of civil society - working with the media
  • Consulting
  • Informing
  • Networking
  • Publishing


  • Participation in the shaping of public policies and regulations through the work of the councils, committees and other bodies
  • Monitoring the situation and information in the field of rural and sustainable development, and civil society
  • Cooperation with relevant stakeholders from all sectors and at all levels to strengthen public dialogue
  • Raising awareness of the public sector and encouraging the public to participate in decision-making


  • Education
  • Participation on study visits
  • Improving the management process
  • Improving internal communications
  • Monitoring and introducing new technologies
  • Activities to ensure its own premises
  • Strengthening the image and recognition of ODRAZ